Preview: Taffy

Bullied. That’s how he felt during his life. Unappreciated due to his weakness. Insulted because of his own actions. Got blamed for his own words. Beaten up since he couldn’t defend himself.

Luckily, there’s a brother by his side. He taught little Taffy to defend himself in the way of boxing and karate. He did this so that he could defend himself. 

Until one day, they joined the martial arts competition. Their parents watched as Taffy and his brother made a clean way to the finals. Once they face each other, there was a third party interfered with the match. 

The NeonBugs made their way into the stadium. All hell broke loose. The brothers were overwhelmed. Taffy’s brother told him to run while he handle the bugs. It’s very hard to leave someone who you care much in trouble, don’t you? 

So he tried to escape from the building. Bugs made destruction everywhere. Concrete pillars falling down one at a time. And he became one of the victims. 

He lost consciousness for a while. He felt something wet on his hands. He screamed when he figured out it was the bug’s blood. He just wish he will be okay. 

As he searched the destroyed city, he found that his parents were dead. And there was no sign of his brother. It was a very traumatic day of his life. 

The next day, he was shocked. No, not because his family entered his dream. But it’s his hand that was covered in neon blood. It glowed. He couldn’t believe it. He thought that the hand might kill him slowly.

Here’s a soundtrack for this character:


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